Artists Statement:
    Memories are at the same time both detailed and ambiguous. They are recalled only in part, allowing for clarity of details while at the same time carry the risk of being lost. Memories also seem one sided forming views and opinions that color, reshape and question experiences.
The subjects of these images are all photographed close-up and with selective focus. Each image is a personal metaphor of a memory. By using the images as metaphors, rather than being literal representations of events, it allows memories to be exposed without direct representation or explanation. In other words, it provides access into the context of memory.
The prints are produced using silver-gelatin photographic paper developed in lithographic film developer. I have chosen to use this method as a way of showing unique coloration of the image, and allowing selected parts to remain focused and detailed. While others are obscured. The result is a one of a kind image that suggests a different viewpoint to what is real, and to what is just outside the range of view.
ReMarks, an Exhibition by GW Homeyer
was held at Gallery 401
March 29th - April 11th, 2008
The artist is still at large, but can be contacted at